Dátum: 2012.04.11. 07:36

Tegnap megjelent a Final Cut Pro X és a hozzá tartozó Motion szoftver új változatának javítócsomagja. A mellékelt cikkek szerint mindkét program csak apró fixeket tartalmaz.

Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.4 improves overall stability, performance, and compatibility including:
- Improves image quality and responsiveness of broadcast monitoring with compatible third-party PCIe and Thunderbolt I/O devices. 
- Improves performance of multicam syncing and editing. 
- Adds language support for Simplified Chinese. 
- Adds a Share option for 1080p video on compatible iOS devices. 

Final Cut Pro version 10.0.4 also addresses the following issues: 
- Assigns default audio channel setting for new projects to stereo. 
- Includes multicam metadata in XML project export. 
- Fixes an issue in which video superimposed over a background with an alpha channel could appear differently in Viewer before and after render. 
- Fixes an issue that caused some titles to be rendered again after each application launch.
Motion 5.0.3 improves overall stability and performance including: 
- Improves loading time for projects. 
- Improves performance of text editing in the Canvas. 
- Fixes issues with Fill Opaque enabled in images converted to Drop Zones. 
- Resolves a stability issue that occurred when deleting all characters with the Transform Glyph tool. 
- Corrects the pixel aspect ratio display of Anamorphic clips. 
- Improves speed of Save Current Frame. 
- Resolves a stability issue when adjusting motion blur controls in the Project Properties Inspector. 
- Resolves a stability issue when modifying media files while Motion is running in the background.